What we are doing

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

Skill India (Education)

Our aim is to make skilled to the needy people and offer them an employ. So that they could earn their livings honestly and proudly.


Our aim is to help the needy people by organizing as well as providing gifts for marriage so that poor / needy parents... could not feel ashamed due to their unbalanced economic condition. We want to stop murdered of girls in the womb of their mothers by some demons fathers who think that girls are curse .They are 100% wrong actually.

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Food Distribution

We offer food time to time among the hungry people. We know that we cannot fulfill all hunger but we try as our best.

Blood Donation

We are also donating Blood to the needy patients and will also provide the blood in the Government Hospital so that ...no one could die due to lack ness of blood for not paying money.

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Yoga & Health

We are also promoting yoga so that people could be fit and increase their immunity to fight against vital disease.

Swach Bharat

We are doing campaigning to promote neat and cleanliness regularly and also sharing information about the value of ...hygiene for our lives as well as for the society.

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We are doing plantation regularly each and every year. We have already planted more than 100 plants since 2016.