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We Are In A Mission To Help Helpless

Mother Teresa Trust is an organization whose mission is to make our country as skilled India that is the dream of our honourable Prime Minister also. We are working in this area since last five years. We are trying our best to make students skilled in many areas like mobile repairing, carpentering, painting , dancing , teachers training ,English spoken, beautician, tailoring, computer classes like account , tally ,CCC, hardware, software, judo classes for self protection , yoga for fitness as well as to improve our immunity system and We are also proving education not only poor but also needy people of the society and also girls education, women's education and yoga education to convert their lives into expert life.


1. Our main purpose is to make skilled the applicant for future.   [11/16/2020]

2. Hurrah ! A golden opportunity to show the talent and get skilled in your interest.   [11/11/2020]

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LIfe is like a changing weather. Sometimes it shows its coolness in the form of the stormy chill winds, sometimes another aspects like burning horrible heat, sometimes depressed autumn and sometimes spring filled with greenery. So we must never be wistful about changing conditions of life

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